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Aspiration Academies Norfolk (AAN)

Course requirements 

Interview, References, Evidence of past experience of successfully pursuing specified interest. (for Level 3 entry English and Maths at C or above is required).

Course description 

What is your dream pursuit? Do you wish to make a career out of your talent or interest?

Do you see your future as that of an actor, a published author, photographer, musician, or a professional sportsperson?

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Or maybe your aim is to forge a successful path in the technology, digital or engineering industry or in retail or public services?

The ‘Aspiration’ course, which is unique to Attleborough Academy offers you the opportunity to pursue your individual talent, whilst also achieving a Level 3 qualification and receiving customised input from industry experts in your specific area of interest.

Our bespoke course caters for a diverse range of subject areas and provides you with core training strands to gain the knowledge and skills you will need for effective selfemployment or for running your own business.

We will guarantee you a personalised mentor whilst you are pursuing your ideals; an expert working in your chosen field to support and guide you throughout your study. You will also have opportunities to experience working contexts within the wider community; to build up the industry contacts you will need to set you up for an exciting and bright future career. 


The beauty of this qualification course is that whilst offering a core base in business and entrepreneurial skills it provides great flexibility and can be customised to meet your entirely individual needs and interests. The starting point is your specific area of interest; choose from a range of subjects that could be from any one of the following:

  • ‘Sports Academy’ subjects: A specific sport: basketball, football, netball, cricket, rugby, boxing
  • ‘Performance Academy’ subjects: A performance based subject: Drama. Musicianship (any instrument), Music Production and technology, Dance, Set and Costume Design.
  • Technology Academy: ICT, Computer Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Animation, Design, Digital Technology,
  • Creative Arts Academy: fine art; photography, or creative writing, script writing, or journalism?
  • Industrial Academy: in industry or production: car mechanics, engineering, catering, manufacturing or retail.

Before embarking on your course you will need to talk to us about the exact nature of the interest you want to focus on and we will make every attempt to match your learning pathway to that interest. We, in turn, will require evidence in the form of interview, previous experience and references that you have the skill and commitment to succeed in your desired area of further study. Then, alongside your choice you will study the core elements of the course:

  • Tuition and practise in your chosen ‘Academy’ area
  • Core element: Level 3 or 2 Business and Enterprise Qualification comprising workshops led by industry experts and relevant business partners, placements in local work contexts.

Part of this core course will provide a wide ranging input of business teaching aimed at maximising the knowledge and skills needed to be set up your own business, be self-employed, or to seek an employed role in your chosen work area. This will include workshops on the latest global developments such as crowd-funding and the explosion in self-publishing online. All students in the ‘Academies’, whatever their chosen area will come together for this element of the course

  • Production support and opportunities for performance based subjects
  • ICT training and support • Access to all of our facilities including full recording studio, media suites, drama and art rooms, sports hall, playing fields, ICT suites
  • An individual mentor to guide and support you throughout the two year course