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Entrepreneur Presentation to Sixth Formers

We had the pleasure of welcoming young entrepreneur Kieran Miles to our academy when he came to give a presentation to our Sixth Form students. Kieran, the founder of multiple companies, including Duco,The Avocado Club and #DigitalCity,  talked about the entrepreneurial schemes he set up from his school days and the pathway that led to him to the establishment of different organisations, both here and abroad, and his current position advising major industry players. The Sixth Formers were completely inspired by Kieran’s speech outlining all the different opportunities he has pursued in his life and the astounding success in different areas of business that he has been involved in. He repeatedly used the phrase, “The opportunity of a lifetime is only valid in the lifetime of the opportunity”, which nailed home the importance of taking opportunities. Kieran wonderfully illustrated how a true entrepreneur behaves; with his charisma, passion and determination to succeed he provided a superb role model for our students.